Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How to Easily Get 1g/lbs Protein Daily to Build Muscle

Daily Protein Intake. You need at least 1g/lbs protein daily to build muscle & to recover from your workouts. Here’s an easy way to get your 150g daily protein intake at 70kg body-weight:

* 200g quark as snack with apple
* 1 can of tuna at lunch with sandwich
* 300g steak/chicken for dinner
* 500ml milk through the day

That’s 20 + 40 + 70 + 20 = 150g protein daily.

Whey. You can get 1g/lbs protein daily without whey. Drink one shake of 1/2 scoops whey if you need more protein. But make sure the majority of your diet comes from whole food, don’t count on supplements to do the job.

Protein from Meals. If I have dinner with friends & they make spaghetti with meatballs, I don’t care about the protein. I just eat it. My daily protein intake doesn’t come from these meals, but from those I have the rest of the day.

Use Fitday if you want to know the protein content from certain meals. If you’re not getting enough protein & need more: ask an extra portion chicken, buy bigger steaks, throw a can of tuna on top of your pasta/rice, etc.

Sources of Protein. These protein sources are/have been a staple of my diet during the last years. Gives you some inspiration if needed.

* Meat: steak, ground round
* Poultry: chicken breast, whole chicken
* Fish: tuna, mackerel
* Dairy: milk, cottage cheese, quark cheese
* Eggs: scrambled, whole eggs

Make Your Own Food. Buy cans of tuna’s & sandwiches for a week. Eat 1 can of tuna daily with as much sandwiches as needed. This way you’re sure your getting 40g protein out of your tuna sandwiches.

It’s easy to prepare, saves money & is often healthier than most foods bought outside. Sandwiches at work/school are usually low in meat & you have to question their freshness.

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