Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Ultimate Fat-Loss Secret. Seriously, This is it!

Hey everyone, I am back, blogging, and dropping some knowledge bombs. During my absence from blogging regularly, I think I have discovered the secret to succeeding when it comes to dieting and fat-loss. I didn’t do any research at the local university, or dig through dozens of studies, or discover a new root in the deepest part of the African rain forest. No, I figured it out all on my own.

Now what is that secret?

Well, it’s more like a “no shit Sherlock” kind of thing, but the secret is eliminating, “scheduled cheat meals,” all together. Now, before you close the browser and say to yourself, “Kevin just wrote the dumbest blog I have ever read, he should mail me $5 and a case of Spike for that waste of time” give me one more paragraph to explain myself. Deal?

You have probably heard of the 90% compliance rule from Dr. John Berardi. Personally, for my clients who are locked into their nutrition and training, I don’t think they should even consider it. From my experience, although limited, I have seen that one, “cheat meal” can lead to a, “cheat day”. For example, let’s say, “Paul” is planing a cheat meal for every Saturday that he eats whatever he wants. He decides to order a pizza at Noon. He polishes it off and figures, “I already ‘lost’ today in the never ending diet war, what will one more meal do?” And so it escalates.

Once you have programmed your body for that weekly cheat meal, you will have it every week until you break the cycle.

I agree the 90% rule will work for a portion of the population. Especially those who has been eating poorly and is more than 15-20 pounds overweight. But what about those who have 10 or fewer pounds to lose?

Now, my recommendation, for those that are serious about fat-loss, is to only use those cheat meals at special occasions like when you get tickets to the ball game, or when you are at a family event like a birthday or wedding. Why knock yourself off track and throw out the healthy eating habits you have learned for one, “cheat meal” that could sabotage the whole thing?

Yes, there are hormonal benefits to a scheduled cheat meal that may actually keep the fat coming off, but again, I am mostly writing for the emotional eaters and those that can not control themselves once a cheat meal starts. Now ask yourself, what category do you fall into. Use the comments section to discuss, it will be interesting to see how many use scheduled cheat meals and how they handle them.


Author: Kevin Larrabee

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